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Princess Cruises’ newest ship, the Regal Princess, is scheduled to be the second of five new ocean cruise ships to debut in 2014. This past week the regal princess finished 5 days of sea trials successfully. The sea trials involved testing the propulsion, steering, navigation systems and numerous safety features of the ship.

A seven-story-high, freak wave could smash into the ship. The ship was en route from New York to the Bahamas when the freak wave broke windows, sent furniture flying, flooded 62 cabins and injured four passengers. Passengers got a refund of half the trip’s cost and a voucher for half the price of a future cruise.

(I work on a cruise ship as a dishwasher and we’ve just arrived in Stockholm. We’re in quite a rush, and it’s only my coworker and me left to do a huge pile of dishes before we have to lock down the pentry. The bar is already locked down and our supervisors have left. The only set of keys to the bar is three decks down.

Top 10 Cruise Ship Disasters. We’ve done lists talking about the most incredible cruises around the world. However, sometimes things can go horribly wrong. These are the true, scary stories of.

Worst Cruise Ship Disasters. The consequence was such that, on April 27, three of the ship’s four boilers exploded at about 2 am, near Memphis, Tennessee. Soon, the wooden ship became a burning hell for the 2400 people on board. Of these, about 1800 people succumbed to death, owing to drowning, burns and hypothermia.

Staggering losses at sea are the end result of cruise ship disasters. See more ideas about Cruise Ships, Track cruise ships and Ruin.

10 Other horrifying cruise ship Disasters. The worst of cruise ship disasters are incidents such as Costa Concordia, the Titanic or the S.S. Eastland, where there are fatalities. But rape, hijacking and deadly illnesses still plague trips today.

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RMS Titanic Crew and Passengers – 1517 Dead, Cruise Ship sinking disasters april 14, 1912 1517 Dead, – Ship Sinking Deaths, RMS Titanic Crew and Passengers, April 14, 1912, Time of Death 11:40-2:20.

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A Photo History Of Carnival Cruise Ship Disasters.. This recent string of public relations disasters is not a new phenomenon for Carnival: Its first ship ran aground on a sandbar on its.