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CrossFit Co-Founder Lauren Jenai Has Found New Love With A Man In Jail For Murder – PPL Plaza

Co-founder of crossfit lauren jenai has recovered from a messy split from her ex-husband and former business partner Greg Glassman, and found love again, Page Six can reveal – with Franklin.

The gym enthusiast faces the death penalty if found guilty of murder. While investigating the circumstances surrounding Vandagriff’s death, police allegedly found indecent images and videos of children on Bryant’s phone. He has since also been charged with possession of child abuse material.

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Jenai, along with her ex-husband, Greg Glassman, created a new workout model, Crossfit, which got its roots in a 1,200-square-foot space in Santa Cruz, Calif. in 2001.

CrossFit is a scary cult and you can’t convince me otherwise. The fact that the program’s co-founder, Lauren Jenai, is newly engaged to a man who’s currently in a Florida jail on first-degree murder charges, only bolsters this assumption.According to Page Six, Lauren sold her shares of the company to her (now) ex-husmob Greg Glassman for $20 plantion to facilitate their 2013 divorce.

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