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Mum lost her baby and all four limbs after her cervix opened too soon – Daily Sun Post

Mum lost her baby and all four limbs after her cervix opened too soon – Daily Sun Post. (Picture: GoFundMe) A new mother who lost all her limbs after giving birth. miracle baby Is Born After [.] Read more mortgage Posted on by Golden.

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Bless you both for opening our eyes and hearts.'.. Do your feet and ankles tend to swell up on long-haul flights or in the. heard of of lymphoedema tend to associate it with arm swelling after. lymphoedema following treatment for cancer of the cervix. having another child affected by lymphoedema and so plan their.

Kayleigh Ferguson-Walker lost all four of her limbs and her unborn baby after her cervix opened too early and she contracted sepsisCredit. But sadly the baby didn’t make it. Medics soon realised.

Ok ladies. I am now 4 days overdue boooooooooo. My midwife came last night to do a sweep. Aparently babies head is so low down that it has pushed my cervix up behind it and she couldn’t get to it. This does not sound good to me. My midwife didn’t say whether this was normal or not and if it’ll get back to the right place anytime soon.

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AGAINST ALL odds irish woman born with no vagina, cervix or uterus has two rounds of reconstructive surgery and says it won’t stop her being a mum