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The Home Equity Theft Reporter: S. Florida Foreclosure Mill Faces Civil RICO Charges In Suit Seeking Class Action Status; Allegations Include Manufacturing Phony Mortgage Assignments

The only home that is being foreclosed is Wade’s and that’s pretty normal for a bankruptcy. The values have also increased so the lender will be fine and if he isn’t so what. That’s why the home is therel.

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Over the last two and a half years, Wells Fargo, like most of the major mortgage servicers, claimed that it had a "rigorous system" to insure that mortgage documents were accurate and complete. The reason this mattered was that there was significant evidence to the contrary. Foreclosure defense attorneys found repeatedly that, for securitized mortgages, the servicer or foreclosure mill.

The assignment of the subject mortgage and note to HSBC, by mortgage electronic registration SYSTEMS, INC. (MERS), in the instant foreclosure action is without legal authority. mers never possessed the TAHER note it allegedly assigned to plaintiff HSBC. Thus, plaintiff HSBC lacked standing to commence the instant foreclosure action.

 · When is a foreclosure a theft? When the mortgage was recorded at MERS. MERS has no standing to foreclose. The typical mortgage was bought and sold about ten times before it finally got securitized. And those sales and purchases were not recorded at the county recorder’s office.

Homeowner Faces 5 Years for Falsifying Mortgage Documents: Home Equity Theft Reporter Apparently, banksters have de facto immunity from prosecution for the crime of "False Declaration Before Court" when engaging in similar conduct (ie. creating and submitting phony documents in court in connection with a foreclosure matter).

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