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The Perfect Setting for a Novel – Promoting Independent Authors And Their Work

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For authors and publishers, learning how to market a book is one of the most challenging tasks in the self-publishing process. But it doesn’t need to take hours and hours of your time. However, it is worth taking a moment to do a recap and define what book promotion and your marketing strategy mean.

Book marketing is the number one problem we have seen when it comes to self-publishing. Indie authors are capable of writing amazing books, but their marketing efforts often fall short. The Savvy Book Marketer, run by marketing expert Dana Lynn Smith is the perfect resource to help indie authors become better marketers.

60. Create a pop-up ad on your blog to promote your book. 61. Contact BookBub and BuckBooks to see if they will promote your book in their newsletters. 62. Highlight social proof on your blog, book sales page, and author page by showing the logos or a list of places you’ve appeared or been interviewed. 63.

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Rick Riordan: When not promoting his work, Rick uses Twitter for other means.. This may be one of the best social media platforms to promote on or get book reviews. Instagram is perfect for setting up giveaways and promotions!. Goodreads Tips for Indie Authors: Ever wonder just how you can get more involved on.

What follows is a list of 71 tactics to add to your book marketing arsenal. Not every strategy will work for every author, so pick and choose what makes sense, adapt what you can, and after you’ve gone through the list, you may come up with some of your own marketing ideas to implement. Promote and Market Your Book Like a Master. 1.

The writing process: 5 top authors on their writing approach. When he is hard at work on writing a new novel, his work day might begin at 4 a.m. After writing for several hours, he goes running or swimming and then goes to bed early every night. He describes the strictness of his routine as a form of mesmerism as well as a kind of training.